The Night of the Phantoms is almost here!

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The Night of the Phantoms is almost here! Don’t miss out on this EPIC Play Wild Membership offer (DOUBLE SAPPHIRES!!!) and the Play Wild EPIC Night of the Phantoms Bundle. Everything you need to get rolling for Night of the Phantoms in one GIANT bundle of awesome! Don’t forget Membership in Play Wild delivers all the membership benefits including Daily Sapphires, Weekly Member Gifts, Exclusive Member Features, Packs and more! Play Wild is available for download in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store and on Steam! HQ

Spooky Night of the Phantoms Looks

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We are pumped for Night of the Phantoms! Check out these creepy and spoopy Night of the Phantoms looks by: floofyf0rest, electrorocks, lylar05, hanatofy, Yorkshireterrier33, cottoncandymumma, peachxtea, moon12569, gaby25163, and asamakura! We will be sending each of these players a secret prize!