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We love Pet Seals, who doesn’t? They are super adorable and a great pet to collect. Unfortunately their popularity can lead to some unethical players trying to use this cute little pet to scam other Jammers or even to try and steal accounts. The easiest way to keep your account safe is to have a complex password that contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols and NOT share that with anyone or any website. Keep this in mind when someone claims to have a Seal Code. If someone comes up to you and offers a FREE SEAL CODE, just go ahead and report the player for scamming. There is no such thing as a FREE SEAL CODE. They will try to get you to go to another website or somewhere else to chat because our game restricts them from saying FREE SEAL CODE. They will claim they can’t say what it is in game… that should be your very first clue. The next clue will be if they insist they have a code and they try to give it to you. You get the code and you try to put it in, but guess what… DUN DUN DUN.. it doesn’t work! No kidding? SHOCKING! That is because it never was a real code. They will then come up with some genius excuse that you need to go to some website (which isn’t and put in your parent email and password to use the code. If you made it that far, you are in pretty deep trouble. You just gave your entire access to your parent dashboard to someone and suddenly you are logged off the game. Bloop. Logged off. While you are staring at your screen and wondering if your internet went bad, they are logging into the account you just gave them access to and taking all your items. And here is a word of warning, while we are at it, to anyone that buys in-game items from sellers on eBay and Instagram. We ban them, but we can also ban a buyer as well. Where do you think those items come from? The items come from accounts that have fallen for a scam like this, went to a phishing site, followed scammy instructions for free items or just had a password that was Hamilton.


Dressed to Impress!

image (7) image (4) image (2) image (3) image (5) image (6) Dressed to impress; these Night of the Phantoms looks by Skytruc, fazbear9000, rosyfuzzyfox, phantomdark, littlesonic09, and littlecutecat80”are Bootiful! We loved these looks and will be sending each of them a secret prize! What are some of your favorite Night of the Phantom Looks? HQ

Want to keep your account safe?

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You just managed to trade for a cool rare and are sporting it around Jamaa Township, showing it off to the world. A random jammer you have never met before approaches you with a fantastic tale. They claim to know how to make your game run faster. Maybe they tell you they know how to get you more rares. They might even tell you a tale about how they can glitch items for you or they have a FREE CODE FOR A PET.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? IT IS. Pretty soon they will be trying to get you to download some app, give them ID codes that they guide you to, or even have you visit some site where you have to log in with your parent email and password in order to activate something “truly groundbreaking”.

Want to keep your account safe? Make a great password that is: hard for others to guess, that has lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols and don’t share it or use it on other sites.

Here are some ways you can LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT: Have a password that doesn’t follow the above guidance, share your password, follow someone’s instructions to go to some website and enter information such as your username, parent email or password or even a supposed code they gave you, following another’s instructions on how to find or give them a secret code, following someone’s instructions which include downloading an app, giving your parent email and password information away for free items that they will ‘deliver to your account’, following instructions to visit a YouTube video and click a link in a video comment.

If it doesn’t seem legit, IT’S NOT. If you can’t do it in game by design or they claim they have to ‘tell you outside the game’, IT’S NOT LEGIT. Be safe, play the game, have fun. Don’t fall for these kinds of tricks and scams! HQ