Spring Cottage Has Returned! Keep your Membership flourishing all Spring!

20200409 SpringCottageReturns-01 The Spring Cottage den has returned to Animal Jam! We are excited for Spring and all the beautiful things it brings such as beautiful flowering trees, flowery spring dens and hanging out with our best friends in the garden. You can keep your Membership vibes flowing this spring with Membership from AnimalJam.com/Join! Membership benefits extend across both Animal Jam and Play Wild, you can log into both games using your same log in information! Membership from AnimalJam.com/Join delivers unlimited access to Member animals, items, adventures and dens in Animal Jam as well as daily and weekly Member gifts, items, packs and more in Play Wild! HQ Signature

Spring has arrived!

20200402 BuildYourOwnGarden Bundle-01 Spring has arrived; time to get out and plant that spring garden! The newest monthly Membership Bundle from AnimalJam.com/join delivers early access to fantastic Build Your Own Garden Den Items, the Spring Cottage and more! Don’t forget that Membership in Animal Jam also delivers Member benefits in Play Wild! HQ Signature

Pet Teacup Dragon!

20200401 Pet Teacup Dragon-01 Not to be confused with a Hungarian Horntail, the Pet Teacup Dragon is all about cuddles and oversized poofy blankets. We are excited to welcome these wonderful new pets to Jamaa. Please make sure to NOT invite your Pet Teacup Dragon inside a Small Den, we can’t be responsible for the overhead structure damage that may ensue. These pets need room to breathe and romp, preferably in an ample open space or on a trampoline. Have Fun Jammers! HQ Signature

Today is the LAST DAY!

2020 AJFREE Ring In Spring-04 Today is the LAST DAY you can enter and use the code: AJFREE in Play Wild and Animal Jam! Don’t miss out; NONMEMBERS using this code will receive TWO WEEKS OF FREE MEMBERSHIP in both Play Wild and Animal Jam, Members will receive a special gift!

Share this code with your friends and invite them to come hang out and play in Animal Jam or Play Wild with you! Redeeming the code is simple, either enter it at login or from the settings page in game by clicking the gear icon! Thank you Animal Jam Community for the opportunity to create the best online playground around!

Don’t forget Membership in Animal Jam also crosses over to Membership in Play Wild! Play Wild is available from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store and for Desktop (just like AJ) from AnimalJam.com/apps! HQ Signature