Cele-BEE-rate Bees!

20230809 National HoneyBee Day!-01 Cele-BEE-rate Bees! National Honeybee Day today, and there’s a lot to celebrate! Humans rely on honeybees, bees, and other pollinators to grow over 90 kinds of crops, and we’d be lost without them! Check the shops of Jamaa for bee-utiful bee-themed items, and support local beekeepers in your area!

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Asiatic Lion Concept Art!

Lion-01 (1)

Lion-05 (1)

Lion-03 (1)

Lion-06 (1)

Lion-02 (1)

Check out our amazing Concept Artist’s portrayal of the Asiatic Lion! Take a closer look and hear their thoughts during the design process.

“The word ‘resilient’ resonated deeply with me as I delved into creating this artwork. These majestic creatures face extreme endangerment, with merely 500 individuals remaining in the wild, confined to a sole forest reserve in India. Witness the spirit of survival!”

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