Pi Day Trivia!

Trivia Tuesday • piday • SQ DE Are you ready for some Pi…we mean Pi Trivia!

What is the final digit of pi? A) 3 B) 1 C) 4 D) It can’t be calculated!

In mathematics, pi is known as: A) A rational number B) An irrational number C) A visible number D) An invisible number

Instead of pi, some mathematicians like using tau. A) Tau = the square root of 2 B) Tau = e C) Tau = 2π D) Tau doesn’t exist!

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Answers: D,B,C

Happy Pi Day 2023!

20230309 Happy Pi Day!-01

Happy Pi Day! Pi Day is a celebration of the number that mathematicians use to calculate the circumference of a circle! It’s celebrated in March because the first few digits of pi are 3.14—like the date, March 14th!

Celebrate today by calling out below what items or locations in Jamaa that are circular in Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic!

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Happy Earmuff Day!

20230313 Earmuff Day-01

Happy Earmuff Day! Watch our in-game for updates to see who-ooo might be swooping in to celebrate! It is sure to be a hoot!

Shout out below of if catch them! HQ Signature

Trivia Tuesday - Pigs!

Piglet Tuesday Trivia

Lucky piglets are bringing you this weeks Trivia Tuesday!

Pigs belong to the family:

A) Cervidae B) Bovidae C) Camelidae D) Suidae

What is a pig’s snout useful for?

A) Tracking down food B) Rooting and digging C) Getting booped D) Mostly A and B

A mother pig is called a:

A) Doe B) Sow C) Matron D) Donna

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Answers: D,D,B