Spring is here!

20220316 First Day of Spring-01

Spring is here! There are a variety of ways to celebrate in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic! How will you choose to enjoy this time of year, create a garden, spring clean your current den, stylish looks, host a garden party, gather plants from Treetop Gardens, and more?

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Trivia Tuesday - Napping!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday! Today’s Trivia we will focus on napping!

According to sleep scientists, taking a nap leads to:

A) Increased awareness B) Restored energy C) Recovering lost nighttime sleep D) All of the above

Which of these is NOT a phase of sleep?


What does REM stand for?

A) Regulated Energy Mode B) Rapid Eye Movement C) Recovered Early Memory D) Really Excited Monkeys

Sleep is influenced by the sun’s light, which creates:

A) A light cycle B) Insomnia C) Our circadian rhythm D) Apnea

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Answers: DBBC