Design a Potion Contest - Ghost Potion!

20211111 Potion Contest Winner-01 Announceing skystarflower as the winner of the Design a Potion Contest! The GHOST POTION will turn you a spectral shade of blue until the clock strikes again! You’ll find the Ghost Potion deep inside the Phantom Dimension! Enter through a Phantom Portal den item, then defeat Phantoms to open gates and find the mysterious Traveling Shop! What potion do you use as your go-to while in-game? Share in the comments below!

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Jamaaliday Spirit Bundle!

20211201 December Diamond Bundle-01 Jamaaliday Spirit Bundle has arrived in Animal Jam Classic! Jingle to the Diamond Shop to find the JAMAALIDAY SPIRIT BUNDLE! It comes with an ARCTIC FOX and PET PANGOLIN, the JAMAALIDAY HOUSE, and TWO accessory sets: the TURQUOISE SPIRIT ARMOR and the FESTIVE GINGERBREAD AMULET! This FESTIVE bundle is available for 30 Diamonds in the DIAMOND SHOP! HQ Signature