Happy Friendship Day 2022!

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Happy Friendship Day! There are Friendship Festival items and activities to be found all over Jamaa in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic! If you’re looking to show your passion for the season, be sure to visit the shops, attend a Friendship Party, complete a Friendship Pack Run, play Special delivery, Post Master or play Frienship Bingo below! How will you choose to celebrate?

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Trivia Tuesday - Stegosaurus'!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts below about the Stegosaurus!

A stegosaurus’ plates are known as: A) Platters B) Shingles C) Scutes D) Spine Sails

Paleontologists have agreed that scutes were used for: A) Blood circulation B) Defense C) Mating displays D) They don’t agree! No one knows for sure.

The spikes on a stegosaurus’ tail are known as a: A) Spikeomizers B) Thagomizers C) Pulverizers D) Pokey-Wokeys

Thagomizers were named by: A) Cartoonist Gary Larson B) Professor Thag Mizer C) Photographer Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor D) Paleontologist O C Marsh

Check back next week for answers!

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Answers: C,D,B,A

Crab Rave in Animal Jam today 1pm MST!

Crab Rave in Animal Jam today 1pm MST like this video by qw072! Join AJHQ and friends, bring your crab and a become your pet potion! How to join: 1pm Mst change to a crab and use a become your pet potion Head to the following locations Crystal Sands, Moku’ahi Beach, Appondale and Mt Shiveer on the ice AJHQ will be touring to capture footage through that time Have Fun!

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