Time for Trivia Tuesday - Cats!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday - Cats!

Cats have lived near humans in recorded history for: A) 2,300 years B) 3,300 years C) 4,300 years D) 5,300 years

Letting pet cats go outside can mean: A) Cats getting hurt B) Cats getting diseases C) Bird species becoming endangered D) All of the above

The cats in art from ancient Egypt look like: A) Tabby cats B) Calico cats C) Siamese cats D) Black cats

Cats eyes shine in the dark because of: A) Another eyelid B) Another retina C) A layer of guanine D) Dark magic

Check your answers next week!

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Answers: D,D,A,C

Happy International Love Your Pet Day!

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Happy International Love Your Pet Day! Take your pets to the park, play as your pet, or pick up some accessories and toys to treat them like royalty! Comment below on how you will spoil your pets in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic today?

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Trivia Tuesday - Tasmanian Devil

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Time for Trivia Tuesday about the Tasmanian Devil! Tasmanian devils were named because of their: A) Screams B) Teeth C) Horns D) Tails

Tasmanian devils are known for their powerful: A) Eyes B) Jaws C) Kicks D) Tails

Tasmania is: A) A region of Romania B) A country in South America C) An island state of Australia D) Imaginary

When born, Tasmanian devils can be the size of: A) A baseball B) A lemon C) A ping pong ball D) A grain of rice

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Answers: A,B,C,D