Graduation Time Capsules

20210524 Graduation Time Capsule-01 Congrats to everyone who is graduating, switching to a new school or grade! This year has been a challenging school year for everyone, remote learning to partial days in and out of school. Give yourself credit for the completion of this challenging school year and celebrate your success! Time capsules are a fun way to remember your journey in the years to come. Make one of your own by using a jar/container, paper, and writing utensil of choice. Create a list of things you enjoyed this past year and/pr challenges you faced. Other fun topics to note might be a favorite food, game, friends, etc. Then seal it up, decorate it, date it five to ten years later for you to open; we know you will enjoy this little memory once revealed in the future. HQ Signature

Happy National Turtle Day!

20210521 World Turtle Day-01 Happy National Turtle Day! Let’s all take a moment to reflect on how we can help our hard-shelled friends:

  1. Reduce trash that may be accidentally eaten or entangle a sea turtle
  2. Keep the beach clear for turtle hatchlings and nesting turtles by clearing away chairs, umbrellas, and boats from the beach at night.
  3. Pack out trash when leaving the beach What are some other ways you can help sea turtles? HQ Signature

Happy National Endangered Species Day!

20210520 National Endangered Species Day-Pollenators-01 Create a buzz in your community by helping our neighborhood pollinators! How can we bee a pal to these struggling species? Create a native garden to provide food and precious habitat space for our bee, butterfly, moth, bat, and fly friends! Your local garden center can help to select the proper plants. No effort is too little. Gardens can range from recycled plastic containers to a spare patch in your yard! HQ Signature