Wild Weekend in AJ Classic, get JELLY!

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This Wild Weekend in AJ Classic, get JELLY! For a limited time only, you can sample three new colors of the Jelly Armor: Red, Green, and Blue! Head to the Diamond Shop this weekend to check them out! Don’t be Jelly! Watch our story to join AJHQ tonight at 5pm mst to share your sweet Animal Jam Looks!

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Trivia Tuesday - Cardinals!

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It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Preen your feathers and prepare for some fun facts about cardinals! Male cardinals are red, while female cardinals are:

A) Light brown B) White C) Also red D) Blue

Cardinals are especially fond of: A) Dry areas B) Sunflower seeds C) Country music D) States that picked them as state bird

Cardinals prefer to build nests in: A) High trees B) Dense thickets C) Low bushes D) Apartment high-rises

Cardinals are often hunted by: A) Domestic cats that are let outside B) Hares C) Badgers D) Foxes

Check back next week for the answers!

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Answers: A,B,B,A

Final Round! Animal Encore Bracket!

20220603 Returning Avatar Bracket Round 4

20220603 Returning Avatar Bracket Round 4

20220603 Returning Avatar Bracket Story 1 (5) Final Round! Thank you for supporting your favorites by voting in the comments below!

Time to cast your final votes for which animal should return to Animal Jam? Some things to keep in mind: remember to be kind, and the votes are tallied within this post and our other social channels according to their instructions.

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