Trivia Tuesday - Tide Pool!

Trivia Tuesday • touch pool • SQ1

Learn about creatures that live in the shallow waters of the ocean this Trivia Tuesday! Once you’ve warmed up, you can login to Animal Jam and check out the Tide Pool minigame in Tierney’s Aquarium for more facts, plus Gems and prizes!

A nudibranch is: A) The arm of a coral B) A sea slug C) A group of jellies D) A type of seaweed

Sea urchins use their spines to:

A) Move around B) Defend themselves C) Cover themselves with shells D) All of the above

Horseshoe crabs are:

A) Anthropods B) Snails C) Crabs D) Lobsters

The only known animal to have chlorophyll cells is:

A) A crab B) A nudibranch C) A sea star D) A sea urchin

Check back next week for answers!

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Trivia Tuesday - Nocturnal Animals

Trivia Tuesday • nocturnal • SQ

When night falls in Animal Jam, you can win prizes by finding NOCTURNAL ANIMALS hiding around Jamaa! This Trivia Tuesday, it’s time to learn a little more about animals that come out after dark!

Animals that are active during the day are:

A) Diurnal B) Crepuscular C) Docturnal D) Caffeinated

Compared to diurnal animals, nocturnal ones have:

A) Larger ears B) Larger noses C) Larger eyes D) More fun

Which type of cell helps land animal eyes see light?

A) Rods B) Cones C) Light blood cels D) Chloroplasts

Which of these animals is NOT nocturnal?

A) Hyenas B) Tasmanian devils C) Bearded dragons D) Skunks

(Don’t forget to head to Sarepia Forest to watch Azure21’s video on how to find Nocturnal Animals.)

Trivia Tuesday • nocturnal • SQ2

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Answers: ACAC

You’re invited to rock around Jamaa with AJHQ and the Jambassadors!

20220915 Rock Concert Tour-01 Untitled design (1) Untitled design (3)

You’re invited to rock around Jamaa with AJHQ and the Jambassadors! Come check out a concert tour by visiting some jammin’ Rock Star Venue dens, starting at AJHQ’s den! Join the fun by logging into Animal Jam, putting on your best rock star look, and then heading to AJHQ’s den! There will be portals to other Rock Star Venue dens to keep the tour going strong!

Join the fun: -When: September 16th 5-6pm MST

-Where: AJHQ/Jambassador Dens

-Create: Your Rock Star Look

-Pics: Share your in-game snaps from the event with the tag #AJRockConcert

Common Questions: -Which Jambassadors are participating? Watch for their posts and we will have portals to their dens from AJHQ’s.

-Will I be able to get in? Keep in mind we will be locking our dens prior to the event. This allows for fair chances on entry and we will unlock/lock periodically to allow for opportunities additional chances.

-Prizes? YES

(Shout out to l30ra and iisah for the masterpiece and masterblock creations

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