Call of the Wild - Wild Weekend!

Wild Weekend CalloftheWild-01 Satisfy your inner wanderlust with the Call of the Wild - Wild Weekend! Collect fabulous, nature-themed den items in Animal Jam, starting August 22nd and running through the evening of August 25th. These den items are perfect for nature dens, forest based role-play with your friends and more! Let us know what you think of these fun items in the comments below!

Fantastic August Masterpieces!

image (153) image (163) image (160) image (164) image (161) image (162) image (157) image (156) image (154) image (155) Check out these beautiful Masterpieces by these Animal Jam and Play Wild artists: Hamstery003, Alidoncat1, Tritberg1, Foxlo40, Wolfena1987, 223lou, Rainbowflyingdash, Kaykaymojo, Empyrea, and Basedandredpilled. We will be sending each of them a special surprise to show our appreciation!

National Honeybee Day!

20190817 Honeybee Day-01 Happy National Honeybee Day! Remember to bee kind to your fellow Jammers and join the celebration! Learn fun facts about Honeybees by clicking the Honeybee banners in Animal Jam, adopt your very own pet Honeybee and perfect your sweetest look with Honeybee items!

Bob Ross Challenge!

Cinno has challenged PlayWild to a Bob Ross painting challenge in Animal Jam! Cinno is the seasoned expert in the Bob Ross style – can PW keep up with the pro? You decide! To enter to win one of 10 copies of these beautiful masterpieces in Animal Jam, comment below with your Animal Jam username. You only need to enter your username once and have until 11:59pm Mountain on Thursday August 22nd. We will announce the 10 selected players on Friday August 23rd! If you’re feeling especially adventurous, stop by the Animal Jam Art Studio to create your own Bob Ross style artistic masterpiece, and be sure to share with us your results!