The new Animal Jam update is here!

20190116 AJ PlayerStorefront-01

The newest Animal Jam update has arrived! Secret Valentines, available for ALL JAMMERS, have returned for Friendship Day. The Love Bug has gotten loose, so please watch where you step and avoid over feeding! We want to take a moment and thank not only our AJ Community, but specifically the Members in our AJ Community. Members make it possible for AJHQ to continue to bring awesome content to both Animal Jam AND Play Wild. Today we are extremely excited to introduce a new Member feature to Animal Jam, the ‘My Shop’ den item! The ‘My Shop’ den item, currently available in the Diamond Shop, allows Members to place their items up for sale in their den, as well as purchase items in other Member’s Den Shops. Members can list nearly anything in their Den Shop for Gems or Diamonds, with the exception of: Avatar Animals, Dens, Mannequins and the ‘My Shop’ Den Item itself. DUN, DUN, DUN… SHOPCEPTION!!!! Members can place as many Den Shops as they desire, perfect for Mall Shopping Dens! Please note that the ‘My Shop’ Den Item cannot be traded, gifted in Jam-a-grams or sold inside another shop. We hope you are as excited as we are about this new feature; share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


Happy Year of the Pig!

20190118 LunarNewYear YearofthePig-01

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Join us in celebrating by visiting the Year of the Pig Party or joining your friends in the New Year’s Fortune adventure! We can’t wait to see your amazing pig looks or Year of the Pig dens! HQ

Get your Animal Jam Spring Box!

20190204 SOC Doodlebox-01

The Spring Doodle subscription box is now available from! This season’s subscription box is packed with artistic and creative Animal Jam goodies. Not yet a subscriber? Just head on over to to purchase your very own Doodlebox while they are still available! HQ

Play Wild And Bepper's Try Not To Laugh Challenge

PlayWild (or PW for short) has challenged Bepper, her fellow YouTuber, to a TRY NOT TO LAUGH challenge!! They’re going head to head to see who can laugh less at this adorable compilation of funny animal videos. Check out the video to see who wins this difficult challenge! Can you resist laughing? Comment your score below! Download Animal Jam - Play Wild on your mobile device to join the fun!