Alphamania in Jamaa!

20190321 AlphaArmor&DenSale-01

All Alpha dens and armor are on sale now and it’s ALPHAMANIA! From Liza’s Garden, to Grahams Gauntlets; Alpha dens and armor are available and on sale. Visit the Diamond Shop and Alpha Headquarters; show your love for your favorite Alpha!


Wishing You a Happy Lucky Day Jammers!

20190317 Soc HappyLuckyDay-01

Happy Lucky Day Jammers! Be sure to try your hand at Lucky Clovers Adventure in Animal Jam, or run with your pack in the Lucky Hills in Play Wild! We feel so lucky to have such an amazing community. Thank you Jammers! #AnimalJam #PlayWild #AJLuckyDay


Happy Pi Day Everyone!

20190314 Soc PiDay-01 Happy Pi Day everyone! It’s March 14th, or 3.14, and an opportunity to celebrate the number Pi (and maybe eat pie as well). It’s also a fun day in Animal Jam to decorate your den with all the fun Pi Day decor! If you have an amazing Pi Day Den, share your username in the comments below! HQ