New Pet Egg In Jamaa!

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What an exciting way to celebrate spring with the arrival of another eggstravagant Pet Egg! We haven’t quite cracked what could be hiding in that beautiful shell. Any guesses??? Don’t miss out; they will be available in the Egg Baskets in Jamaa Township for a very limited time! #AnimalJam #KidsGames


When Pigs Fly Bundle!

20190329 AJ Soc PigsFlyBundle-01

Make a pig fly? Challenge Accepted! The newest Membership Bundle has arrived and is currently available through the end of April at! Not only does this membership bundle give you membership in Animal Jam and Play Wild but it give you early access to the Pet Flying Pig, the Owl animal, the Sky Kingdom Den, the new Flying Pig outfit and a set of Flying Pig den items! HQ