Trivia Tuesday - Cattle Dogs!

Trivia Tuesday Cattle Dogs

Are you ready for these intelligent Australian Cattle Dogs to test your knowledge?

Which is found in the Australian cattle dog family tree? A) Hyenas B) Dingoes C) Spotted dogs D) Raccoon dogs

“Cattle” comes from the French “chattle”, meaning: A) Cow B) Group C) Possession D) Circle

Australian cattle dogs were originally a breed from: A) Australia B) Britain C) America D) Asia

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Answers: B,C,B

Are you a Den Architect?

Untitled design (36)

Are you a Den Architect? Check out the missions board and learn more today! The Den Architect Mission will bring out your interior design mode! Shout out your Den tips and tricks below!

What is a Mission? Missions have arrived in Animal Jam to teach you how to make your way around Jamaa, how to customize your look and den, and more! When you complete a set of Missions, you’ll earn a BADGE for your Player Card! More Missions will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Trivia Tuesday - Cows!

IMG 0977 Time to challenge your knowledge with Trivia Tuesday: Cows!

To digest food, cows need: A) 4 chambers in their stomach B) 4 stomachs C) Softer grass D) Blenders for smoothies

Cows were domesticated about: A) 1,000 years ago B) 5,000 years ago C) 8,000 years ago D) Over 10,000 years ago

After being born, a cow calf can walk in about: A) 1 hour B) 4 hours C) 8 hours D) 1 day

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Answers: A,D,A