It’s beginning to look like Jamaaliday’s In July!

20210719 Jamaalidays In July-01 It’s beginning to look like Jamaaliday’s In July in both Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic! Gather up your buddies and head to the Jamaaliday’s Jam! Don’t forget to do your shopping while at the parties or participate in Animal Jam Classic’s Wild Weekend of Jamaaliday accessories that are available Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only! HQ Signature

Who loves kittens?

word scramble kittens Who loves kittens? There are so many endearing qualities of a kitten; their spunk, eyes, meows, purrs, and more! We would like to celebrate National Kitten Day by a word unscramble and will reveal the answers tomorrow! What do you love most about your kittens? HQ Signature

Answer Key: cats kittens yarn purr maine coon himalayan siamese cougar snow leopard lion