Happy Safer Internet Day!!!

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Greetings Jammers and Happy SAFER INTERNET DAY!

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SAFER INTERNET DAY happens every February and promotes safer use of online technology.

Each year a new theme is chosen, and this year's theme is 'Play Your Part for a better internet'. This is a very good theme because it helps our Animal Jam community understand that it has the power to make the internet a better place!

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You can help make the internet a safer place by never bullying or treating others with disrespect. You can also practice making the internet safer by never giving out personal information to anybody online.
If you'd like to learn more about internet safety, just visit our ANIMAL JAM RULES page. You can also take an INTERNET SAFETY QUIZ, located in the CONSERVATION MUSEUM, and earn a cool plaque!

Can you think of any other ideas that can help make the internet safer for all Jammers?!

Let us know, and as always Jam on!

Jammer Tip - What happens when a player is reported?

Reported Player

When a player doesn't follow the Animal Jam rules, it is paw-sible that they can get reported by other players. AJHQ works very hard to review reports sent in by Jammers who feel another Jammer has broken some rules.

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If a reported Jammer is found to be breaking the Animal Jam Rules, appropriate action will be taken against their player account. If a reported Jammer has been falsely accused, no action will be taken.

If you have reported a Jammer and they continue to break the Animal Jam Rules, you can always block them to stop all communication from them. You can also move to a new land or a new world and continue to have uninterrupted fun in Jamaa.

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Thanks for making Jamaa such a safe and fun environment! If you want to learn more, visit the HELP CENTER! Be cool and play safe!

Jammer Safety - Safety and Respect Online!


Greetings! We wanted to say THANKS to all the Jammers who practice SAFETY and RESPECT online! Jamaa is an amazing place, and being kind and helpful to other Jammers helps keep it that way!

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Remember, if a player is bothering you, it's perfectly fine to just walk away! If they continue to bother you, don't be afraid to report them. If someone is pressuring you to say something OR offering you items to say something in game, they might be trying to get you in trouble. Just remember to be careful what you type!

NEVER type something into chat due to peer pressure. If someone is telling you to type something into chat and promises you an item in return you should use good judgment and walk away.

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Also, be careful with what you type, because the chat filters may think you're saying something you're not supposed to!

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Before we go, there's one more VERY IMPORTANT thing you must know...

Jammers = Amazing!!!!

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Jammer Tip - Why does my user name say "New Jammer"?

Jammer Tip: New Jammer

Jammers' usernames can be seen by everyone in Jamaa, so it is important to make sure that every username follows the Animal Jam Rules.

Whenever a new player account is created, the username is screened by AJHQ to make sure it's good. During this screening period—which usually takes 24-48 hours—Jammers' usernames show up as "New Jammer". Once a username has been approved, it will show up in Jamaa.

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If a username breaks the Animal Jam Rules, AJHQ will change it, and it can't be changed again. Usernames that have any of the following are against the Animal Jam Rules:

Any personal information, including names, addresses, and phone numbers. First and last names, even if it is the name of your favorite actor or singer. Rude, mean, or inappropriate words.

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If you notice a fellow Jammer with a username that doesn't follow the Animal Jam Rules, please let AJHQ know by reporting them.

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Oh and please...Don't forget to JAM ON!!!