Roaring Railway experience!

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Have you created a Roaring Railway experience for your buddies in Animal Jam? Immerse yourself in the world of trains as you ride in style with our exclusive bundle. Don’t miss out on the den, music, and exclusive furniture that comes with it! Share your favorite themes and decorating ideas in the comments!

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You're Invited to our Feast of Thanks Celebration!

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Join us on Wednesday, November 22nd as AJHQ and the Jambassadors celebrate the Feast of Thanks with a Super Party Super Box!

  • Here are the event details:
  • Date: November 22nd
  • Time: 3:00pm MST

Visit any of the Jambassadors’ dens to enjoy games, win prizes, and more! As usual, dens will be unlocked at the start time (we will lock and unlock throughout the event to allow for opportunities for all to join). Parties last for one hour or for as long as the host wishes to continue. (AJHQ will be splitting their time between Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic) Don’t Miss out!

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Flying Foxes!

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Delve into the captivating realm of bats! Little-known fact: while smaller bat species opt for a diet of insects, larger ones can’t resist the sweetness of FRUITS! Meet the flying foxes, incredible fruit bats with massive wingspans reaching up to 6 feet!

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