Cele-BEE-rate Bees!

20230809 National HoneyBee Day!-01 Cele-BEE-rate Bees! National Honeybee Day today, and there’s a lot to celebrate! Humans rely on honeybees, bees, and other pollinators to grow over 90 kinds of crops, and we’d be lost without them! Check the shops of Jamaa for bee-utiful bee-themed items, and support local beekeepers in your area!

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It's time to celebrate!

20220725 AJ Birthday (1) -Recovered--07

It’s time to celebrate! Animal Jam is turning 8 years old! Join the birthday party and get ready to have some fun with your buddies! Don’t miss out on the special item that arrived to mark this special occasion.

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Golden Galaxy Honeybee!

Honeybee and Cat pride Bundle-01

Buzzing with excitement! Get your own pet Golden Galaxy Honeybees and in celebration of National Honeybee Day! Visit the Sapphire icon in the top corner to find these limited-time companions.

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