Summer Carnival AJHQ Tour Round 1!

aj phantomarcade

aj clverwlf57

aj scornthedragonking

aj yowo

ajc voidtouched

ajc starslicer

ajc drawepic800

ajc capitulation

ajc airorso

aj ampire1

AJHQ Summer Carnival Den Event! We had a great time touring many dens like these from voidtouched, Drawepic800, Starslicer, Airorso, capitulation, Cløverwølf57, ScornTheDragonKing, Yowo, Phantomarcade, and Ampire!

We will finish our tour next week!

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Opossum Concept Art Feature!






View our Concept Artist’s Opossum Art and take a “listen” to what they were considering while designing!

“While the Opossum has a sneaky sense and may help himself to your snacks, his hijinks are all in good fun!”

What do you think about the Opossum?

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Opossums have arrived in Animal Jam!

Opossum bundle gif

Opossums have arrived! These critters are the ONLY marsupials native to North America! (Possums are also marsupials, but they live in Australia!) The Expert Opossum Bundle comes with the new animal, the Architect’s Outfit, and the Chess Outfit that won’t be found anywhere else!

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