Snow Fortress Den Decoration

The wild world outside is frozen over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a cozy den amidst it all. Cuddle up in front of the fireplace with a warm cup of cocoa and join AJHQ as they decorate their Snow Fortress with enough sweets to last through the final few months of winter.


Play Wild Snow Fortress Den Bundle has arrived!

20200115 SnowFortress SOC It’s snowing in Jamaa, and you know what that means: SNOW FORTS! Stop by the Sapphire Shop to see the Snow Fortress bundle and get started on making your own winter wonderland of frozen majesty. The set comes with everything you’ll need to set claim to your snowy domain; from glittery treasure to an icy throne! HQ

Fantastic Winter Masterpieces!

image (16)image (17) image (18) image (19) image (20) Woah! Check out these exciting Animal Jam and Play Wild masterpieces by: bunniesrule03, Snowflakey121, yoursstrulyyzoee, cootees and aimee62005. We will be sending each of these artists a special prize! HQ