A Marvelous Masterpiece!

image (54) Spectacular Masterpiece by changeitemsart! Artists in our community have such attention to detail! Who is one of your favorite artists in the community? #AnimalJam #AnimalJamClassic HQ

We Thank you!

AJ Hotfix-01 We wanted to take a moment to thank our Animal Jam players for their patience over these past few weeks. We did our best to get the latest Animal Jam update out to our iOS players, but had hurdles and challenges with the Apple approval process that was outside of our control. We know many of our apple players were unable to get some of the content on time; and we appreciate all your patience during this process. Please enjoy this code, AJTHNX, as our appreciation. This code will deliver the birthday cake, along with the Rare Item Monday items that many players were unable to access, redeemable for a couple of weeks. The traveling salesman items, pack and member items we will be making available, later this fall, so that players who missed them can have a second chance on collecting those items in an upcoming deploy. Thanks again for all your patience, AJ Community! HQ Signature