Did you know? - Octopus

20230726 Lion and Octopus Live Post-04

Check out this incredible fact! Octopuses are known for their high intelligence, being able to solve puzzles and open jars. Share with us what fascinates you the most about these amazing creatures!

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Golden Galaxy Honeybee!

Honeybee and Cat pride Bundle-01

Buzzing with excitement! Get your own pet Golden Galaxy Honeybees and in celebration of National Honeybee Day! Visit the Sapphire icon in the top corner to find these limited-time companions.

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Did you know? - Fox

20230712 Fox & Oppossum Live Animal Post-05

Have you ever seen a baby fox? They are called kits! These adorable creatures start off with gray fur and blue eyes, but as they grow older, their fur turns into a beautiful shade of orange, just like their eyes!

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Pet Octopuses!

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Introducing our newest arrivals at the Sapphire Shop - adorable and clever little adoptable PET OCTOPUSES! Hurry over and meet these fascinating creatures today! HQ Signature