Did you know? - Pet Lamb

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Did you know? Baby sheep are called LAMBS, and they can stand on their feet just a few minutes after being born! What a fun addition to your pets! Which accessories have you selected for your Pet Lamb?

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PET LAMBS are here!

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With softest clothing wooly bright, PET LAMBS are here! Adopt one of these fluffy friends today, and pick up some PET TOYS for them to play with in your den!

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Parasaurolophus eggs have arrived!

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Parasaurolophus eggs have arrived in the latest SUPER BOX for a limited time! Head through the portal in the Sapphire Shop to uncover these adorable herbivores! What color combination are you searching for?

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Did you know? - Pigs

20230323 Raccoon and Pig-04

Did you know? Pigs use their snouts like shovels to root around and forage for food! They’re omnivores, so they’ll dig up roots, bugs, underground fungus known as truffles, and anything else edible! Have you picked up your Lucky Pig?

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