The Desert Oasis has arrived in Play Wild!

20190612 PW DesertOasisDen-01

Log into Play Wild and check out the newest Den to arrive in the Sapphire Shop! No, it’s not a mirage! The Desert Oasis is the perfect shady retreat to beat the summer heat! The Desert Oasis Bundle comes with the Desert Oasis Den, Desert Oasis themed den items as well as new den music!


New Bounce House Den in Play Wild!

20190515 PW BounceHouseDen-01

Bounce your heart out in the newest Play Wild Den! The Bounce House bundle comes complete with an air filled bounce house den, bouncy furniture, bouncy trees and of course bouncy music to make it the BEST. DEN. EVER! Get yours today in the Sapphire Shop!


Blooming Beastro Den Speed Decoration Video

Do you have the new Blooming Beastro den yet? It’s available now in Play Wild, and it’s perfect for any budding restauranteur. Check out this new Speed Den Decoration up on our YouTube channel for some fun and flavorful inspiration. Bon appétit!