Glacierspring Spa Den Bundle has Arrived!

Glacierspring Spa Bundle

Relax in the Glacierspring Spa Den in Animal Jam today! Bring your luxuriating to the next level by purchasing the Glacierspring Spa Bundle from the Sapphire Shop. It comes with the new den, music, and a collection of den items not available anywhere else!

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November Den Sale!

20211109 Diamond Den Sale-01

20211109 Diamond Den Sale Winter Palace

Jamaalidays is right around the corner! Pick up the Winter Palace today to get started decorating for the holidays! All through November, DENS will be arriving in the Diamond Shop! Every FOUR DAYS a different den will be on sale, so keep an eye out and get ready to find the perfect abode!

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Can you spot the differences?

image (215)

image (216)

Can you spot the differences? Check out these Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic Night of the Phantoms Dens. Shout out in the comments below how many differences you find! Tomorrow we will post the answers! Happy searching!

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