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Our Den Tours were a success! We caught some snaps while visiting to share with the community! Check out these Epic Dens by Kawaicutie14, Ozzywinn, morningwonder, girljas, cinderpelt1002, kutekoolkitten, glitterypangolin, modeedee, nenntmichkirsche!

We are always looking for unique den designers and will continue to post snaps, in January, from our den visits based on the previous post. Do you have any den decorating tips for all to enjoy? Share your ideas below!

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20211118 December Den Bundle Mangrove Manor-02 MANGROVE MANOR is Animal Jam’s newest den in the Sapphire Shop! This bundle comes with the new den as well as much more: Like music and furniture not found in a store! HQ Signature

Glacierspring Spa Speed Den!

The Glacierspring Spa bundle has arrived to the Sapphire Shop, and Jammers are ready to dive into those hot springs to avoid the winter chill. Play Animal Jam today - available for mobile & desktop at and on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores!

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