Cozy Library Den Bundle!

Cozy Library Den

Snuggle up with your favorite book in the COZY LIBRARY, Jamaa’s newest den! You can furnish your new reading nook with the Cozy Library Bundle furniture. Each bundle comes with the den, music, and comfy den items that you won’t find anywhere else!

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April 2023-01 (1)

Take to the skies with this month’s FOOLISH FUN BUNDLE in AJ Classic’s Diamond Shop! It comes with a FALCON, a PET FLYING PIG, COSMO’S TREEHOUSE, and TWO foolishly fun accessory sets: the FOOLISH KING outfit and the FOOLISH PRINCE outfit!

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Lucky Leprechaun Bundle in AJ Classic!

Diamond Bundle March 2023-02

Jump to your feet and do a jig for this month’s Lucky Leprechaun Bundle! It comes with a GOAT, a PET SUGAR GLIDER, the SPRING COTTAGE, and TWO accessory sets: the Lucky Goat Outfit and the Dashing Leprechaun Outfit! This springy bundle is available for 30 Diamonds in the Diamond Shop!

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Celebrate Lucky Day with the Clover Cottage!

clover cottage bundle gif

Celebrate Lucky Day with the Clover Cottage! This quaint abode sits amidst emerald banks, and you’re sure to find all the 4-leaf clovers you need to keep your luck running strong all year long! Make your cottage cozier with the Clover Cottage bundle! It comes with the new den, music, and bundle-exclusive den items!

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