What is a fossil?

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20211113 National Fossil Day-03

20211113 National Fossil Day-02 What is a fossil? A FOSSIL is any trace of past life. It can be shells, teeth, bones, or even just traces of life, like a footprint! It’s super important to preserve and take care of the fossils we find, so that future generations can learn about them just like we do!

How are fossils formed? Fossils need very specific conditions to form—most of all MUD! When a plant or animal dies in mud, that mud preserves the remains and eventually hardens into a MOLD that takes the same shape. Eventually, each part of the plant or animal washes away, and the mold is filled with crystalizing minerals! These minerals are what make the shape of a FOSSIL!

You can find fossils in Animal Jam! Keep your eyes peeled for a GOLDEN SHOVEL sticking out of the ground, then tap on it to start digging! If you get an Unknown Fossil, bring to to Graham in Appondale for identification! HQ Signature

Flying in this Tuesday with Raven Trivia!

Trivia Tuesday · Ravens SQ

Flying in this Tuesday with Raven Trivia!

A group of ravens is called a(n): A) Unkindness B) Pack C) Murder D) Squad

Common ravens vocalize with a: A) Cheep B) Caw C) Croak D) Chirp

Ravens are bigger than: A) Geese B) Crows C) Swans D) Vultures

Ravens like to eat: A) Carrion B) Plants C) Small animals D) All of the above

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answers ACBD