Evolution of the Animal Jam - Play Wild Trading System!

20200316 AJTips Trading-01 Have you checked out the evolution of the Animal Jam Trading System in Animal Jam - Play Wild yet? Each player not only can trade multiple items during a single trade, but they can also chat with each other directly and discuss the trade at hand. Trading has never been better and we are super excited with these improvements. If you currently play Animal Jam, you can easily log into Play Wild by using your same username and password. Easy Peasy! You can log into Animal Jam - Play Wild by downloading the desktop or mobile apps from AnimalJam.com/apps webpage. Go check out what you have been missing! HQ Signature

Happy Pi Day 2020 To Everyone!

20200314 PiDay-01 Happy Pi Day everyone! Did you know it would take approximately 133 years for someone to recite the 6.4 BILLION known digits of Pi without stopping? Will you be celebrating Pi Day with pie? What’s your favorite flavor? HQ Signature