Trivia Tuesday - Painted Wolf!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts below about the Painted Wolf!

Which is NOT another name for painted wolves? A) African wild dogs B) Hyena dogs C) Painted dogs D) Lycaon pictus

How do painted wolves communicate? A) Squeaking noises B) Running in patterns C) Howling D) Meowing

What does the Latin name “Lycaon pictus” mean? A) Round-eared dog B) Swift wolf C) African dog D) Painted wolf

Check back next week for the answers! Are you excited for the painted wolf to arrive?

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answers: B,A,D

Trivia Tuesday - Rhino

Are you ready for Rhino Trivia?

Which of these is NOT a type of rhino? A) Black rhino B) Sumatran rhino C) Grey rhino D) Javan rhino

What do rhinos rely on to keep their skin pest-free? A) Oxpecker birds B) Bark C) Bug spray D) Tall grass

A group of rhinos is called a: A) Pack B) Crash C) Troop D) Stampede

A rhino’s horn is made from a substance similar to: A) Bones B) Fingernails C) Rock D) Teeth

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Rhino Answers: CABB

Tuesday Trivia - Chihuahua!

image (108) Time for some Chihuahua Trivia! These wonderful animals have fun, playful personalities and are Smart and Easy to Train. Now time to test your knowledge:

How many varieties of Chihauahuas are there? a) 1 b) 2 c) 5 d) 10

What is the most common nickname for Chihuahuas? a) Chi-chi b) Chihu c) Chiwa d) Tiny

Many cities celebrate the Chihuahua on: a) Jamaalidays b) Cinco de Mayo c) Halloween d) St. Patrick’s Day

Chihuahuas are members of the toy group of dog breeds. The standard size for the Chihuahua is: a) 12 inches in height b) 3 ft. in height c) 5 to 8 inches in height d) 2 inches in height