Which bunny are you?

Which Bunny

Which bunny are you? Traditional Bunny or Spring Bunny? Getting excited for our biggest promo yet: FREE Membership for all Jammers in both Animal Jam & AJ Classic! Starting May 2nd, all Jammers will be able to redeem the exclusive code “AJPLAY,” which will unlock two weeks of free membership alongside a new Spring Bunny, Spring Small House, and Masterpiece Token bundle!

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Trivia Tuesday - Hamsters!

image (295) It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts about Hamsters below! Don’t forget to check last weeks posts for answers!

Hamsters can swim with help from:

A) Holding air in their cheeks B) Days of practice C) Powerful back legs D) Tiny rubber floaties

Unlike gerbils and jerboas, hamsters have:

A) Incisor teeth B) Tails C) Cheek pouches D) Tiny little feets

For food, hamsters typically gravitate towards:

A) Insects B) Grasses C) Seeds D) Hamster-sized cakes

Hamsters seem to search for prey by relying on:

A) Sight B) Sound C) Smell D) Taste

Check back for the answers next week!

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Answers: A,C,C,A

Celebrate National Pet Parent Day!

20220423 National Pet Parent Day-01

Celebrate National Pet Parent Day by spending time with your pets! In Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic enjoy time together by taking your pet to a Play as Your Pet Party, a Pet Park Party, use a play as your pet potion, send them on a Pet Expeditions, or even spoil them at Claws n Paws! Share what you love about your pets and your favorite activities to do with them both in and out of Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic!

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