November's Glorious Goat Bundle!

November’s Glorious Goat Bundle will float your goat. The new bundle contains early access to the Goat, an adorable Goat Pet, an incredible Regal Palace den, as well as a unique armor set and a big stack of new, goat-themed den items! We aren’t kidding around! The Glorious Goat Bundle is available with any membership purchase in November at Don’t forget this will stack on top of current membership and membership at also grants membership in Play Wild! HQ

Glorious Goat Bundle

20181101 GloriousGoat Bundle

We aren’t kidding around with November’s membership bundle, the Glorious Goat Bundle from! This month’s bundle includes early access to the Goat, a Goat Pet, the beautiful Regal Palace den, an exclusive outfit and tons of new den items as well. This Glorious Goat Bundle is available with any membership purchase during November at If you are a current member, and do purchase this bundle, the membership time will stack upon your current membership amount and you score all the additional items. Don’t forget membership at also gives you membership in Play Wild! Members in Play Wild can create or join Packs, get daily and weekly gifts and more! HQ

LAST CHANCE to get your Phantom Swag!

20181030 PhantomBox LastChance This is your LAST CHANCE to grab the awesome Phantom Swag filled subscription box from! This seasons box is full of phantom fun and supplies are running out! What are you waiting for? Subscribe today at