Trivia Tuesday - Squirrel!

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It’s Trivia Tuesday! Gnaw your way through some fun facts about squirrels, then run out to this month’s Pack Run to earn your very own PET SQUIRREL in Squirrel Scamper!

Squirrels belong to the family:

A) Castoridae B) Muridae C) Sciuridae D) Squirrington

A squirrel’s nest is called a:

A) Drey B) Hutch C) Nook D) Hovel

Extra food a squirrel buries is known as:

A) A stockpile B) A cache C) A ration D) Delicious

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answers: C,A,B

Keep that kindness rolling!

Player Experiences i actually just bout pets for two people i dont even know yesterday i like to see other people happy because of me - lalacougarplanetlynx

I had no idea it was world kindness week! It just so happened that this morning actually, I traded away my rare police hat to get a purple brachiosaurus for my sister, Pinkponypalooza! I know her favorit

I would give a helping paw to those who got scammed! - shiningmoonwolf3

Keep that kindness rolling in Jamaa even after World Kindness Week came to a close like these players are: viciousx, lalacougarplanetlynx, and shiningmoonwolf3!

Remember, Even the smallest act of kindness can go a long way, and you should never pass up an opportunity to help someone in need! Watch for stories this week from the Alphas spreading some inspirational words about kindness too! Thank you for celebrating World Kindness Week in our community! HQ Signature

Congrats to Sammy47910!


Sammy47910-s design Congrats to Sammy47910! Well done on this hoppin Floppy Bunny Hat fashion trend! These hats will be available for a limited time, pick up your favorite color today!

Thank you for submitting amazing entries, watch the contest board in Jamaa for future design opportunities and events!

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World Kindness Week!

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Anger feels like strength, but it-s corruptive and corroding. The strength of kindness will endure far longer. (1)

Kind isn-t what you are, it-s what you do!! You can talk all day about how kind you are, but it doesn-t mean anything if you don-t do kind things! (Instagram Post (Square)) (1)

Power cannot save the world. Kindness can. (Instagram Post (Square))

Celebrate World Kindness Week; in-game and in your daily lives! Remember, Even the smallest act of kindness can go a long way, and you should never pass up an opportunity to help someone in need!

How can you spread kindness; this week in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic? Send a friendly message to one of your buddies, share a helpful jammer tip , or create a kindness comment spotlighting one of your buddies.

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