Explorer Mission!

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Take a guided tour of Jamaa through the Explorer Mission! Which place will be or was your first stop? Complete Missions to earn prizes and rewards, plus Badges for your Player Card! To start a mission, tap on the tab on the left side of your screen!

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Trivia Tuesday - Snowflakes!

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Time to chill with some Snowflake Trivia Tuesday!

Which of these is NOT a type of snow crystal?

A) Snowflake B) Graupel C) Hoarfrost D) Monocrystal

Evergreen trees photosynthesize:

A) More than trees that lose leaves B) The same as trees that lose leaves C) Less than trees that lose leaves D) Best in winter

Animals grow winter coats to:

A) Stay warmer B) Hide from predators C) Sneak up on prey D) All of the above

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Answers: D,B,D

Friendship Gifting Boxes are Opening!

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Friendship Gifting Boxes are opening all around Jamaa! What has been your favorite gift to find within your gifting box during the peak of this Friendship Festival Season? When you give gifts, you get HEART STAMPS! Trade them with Owlbert in Sarepia Forest for special prizes!

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Trivia Tuesday - Pigeons!

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Go coo-coo for this week’s Trivia Tuesday, and learn some fun facts about PIGEONS!

Pigeons are suited for cities because their ancestors:

A) Lost territory to doves B) Migrated far away C) Roosted in cliffs D) Loved french fries

Truly wild, non-urban pigeons are known as:

A) Cliff pigeons B) Rock doves C) Feral pigeons D) Sea pigeons

Pigeons in cities are known as:

A) Coo-coo birds B) Bobbies C) Feral pigeons D) Ratbirds

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Answers: C,B,C