Trivia Tuesday - Turkeys!

image (24) Time for Trivia Tuesday! Challenge yourself today with Turkey Trivia! Female turkeys are known as:

A) Peacocks B) Doves C) Hens D) Chicks

The red thing on a turkey’s beak is called a:

A) Noodle B) Doodle C) Bobble D) Wattle

Male turkeys try to impress females by:

A) Building nests B) Strutting and gobbling C) Flying above them D) Bringing food

Wild turkeys are known to eat: A) Acorns and nuts B) Insects C) Salamanders D) All of the above HQ Signature

Answers: CDBD

Nocturnal Facts in Animal Jam - Octopus!

image (11) Have you found all the nocturnal facts in Animal Jam? Time to test your memory with this Nighttime creature, the octopus! The octopus would be quite the creature to find crawling across the ocean floor. Have you seen one in real life before? HQ Signature

Night Octopus Answers: ornate octopus, coral reefs, arms