Trivia Tuesday - Corgi!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts below about this cuddly corgi!

Corgis were bred to: A) Hunt foxes B) Herd cattle C) Jump fences D) Dig holes

The two main corgi breeds are: A) Pembroke and Cardigan B) Pippin and Wellington C) Buttershire and Toastington D) Westminster and West Highland

Corgi are most susceptible to problems with their: A) Hips B) Teeth C) Fur D) Feet

Corgi’s short legs help them: A) Roll on the ground B) Avoid cows’ kicks C) Run faster D) Dig

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answers: B,A,A,B

Nocturnal Facts - Centipede

image (92) Be on the look out in Animal Jam for this centipede fact! Nocturnal animals are hidden throughout Jamaa with interesting facts like these. Try your best to fill in the blanks! What animals would you enjoy learning interesting Trivia Facts on? Share your ideas with us below!HQ Signature

centipede answers: legs, 300, daytime, rocks