Trivia Tuesday - Lamb!

Lambs trivia

Time to test your knowledge!

Domestic sheep originated in:

A) The Middle East and Central Asia B) The British Isles C) Mainland Europe D) North America

Sheep were domesticated by humans about:

A) 1,000 years ago B) 5,000 years ago C) 10,000 years ago D) 15,000 years ago

Domestic sheep are known as:

A) Bovines B) Fleeces C) Mouflon D) Fluff-puffs

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Something BIG has come to Animal Jam!

20230401 April Fools Large Pets-01

Something BIG has come to Animal Jam!

For years, pets have been wanting to show Jamaa what a BIG impact they make on our lives! That’s why today, after countless requests from pets across Jamaa, an ALL-NEW feature is playable now!

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"There are 10!"

Have you found Us

“There are 10!”…Our Development Team hosted a Team Building event; that all of you might enjoy! Head to Animal Jam to locate the ten hidden blinkies, the time to beat is 33 mins! Shout out your times below!

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Trivia - Anteater!

Anteater trivia

Time for some test your knowledge on our latest animal arrival, the anteater!

Giant anteaters are native to:

A) North America B) South America C) Central Africa D) Asia

What do anteaters use to dig into termite mounds?

A) Their pointy snout B) Their sharp claws C) Their strong heads D) Their back feet

What helps an anteater catch insects to eat?

A) Sharp claws B) Sticky saliva C) Flicking tongue D) All of the above!

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