Play as a Corsac Fox today!

202402 Corsac Fox-01

Check out the newest addition to Animal Jam - the mesmerizing CORSAC FOXES in Animal Jam! 🦊✨ These adorable creatures can be spotted roaming the vast grasslands of the Eurasian Steppe. Join the fun and play as a Corsac Fox today!

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Happy Penguin Awareness Day!

20240119 Happy Peguin Awareness day-01

Join us in celebrating Penguin Awareness Day! 🐧 Get creative with penguins and create a special look, cozy den or explore Jamaa! 🌟 Let’s spread love for these majestic creatures! 💙

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Unicorn Concept Art!

20231218 Unicorn Concept art-01

20231218 Unicorn Concept art-02

20231218 Unicorn Concept art-06

20231218 Unicorn Concept art-03

20231218 Unicorn Concept art-04

20231218 Unicorn Concept art-05

Check out the enchanting Unicorn in Animal Jam! From mesmerizing patterns and majestic horns to colorful manes and tails, this rare and legendary creature is truly one-of-a-kind, just like you!

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