Kangaroos are bounding into Animal Jam!

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Kangaroos are bounding into Animal Jam! These Australian marsupials are the only large animal that travels around by hopping, using the springy tendon muscles in their legs and feet!

Get ready to JAM with these new animals with the Incredible Kangaroo Bundle in the Sapphire Shop! It comes with a kangaroo, the Rock Star Outfit and the exclusive Jammin’ Outfit!

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Wolverines Arrive to Animal Jam!

Wolverine Bundle

WOLVERINES have come to Jamaa! These cold-loving scavengers are looking to beat the summer heat with some waterside fun!

To spread your wolverine’s… wings(?!), pick up the Uncanny Wolverine Bundle! It comes with the new animal, the Epic Butterfly Outfit, and the Epic Moth Outfit that won’t be found anywhere else!

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