The Lucky Skunk has arrived!

20190307 AJ LuckySkunkHasArrived-01

The latest Animal Jam update has arrived! The odor-able Skunk and Pet Skunk are now both available in the Diamond Shop! The Lucky Castle has returned, just in time for getting your Lucky Day Den Decorations on point. Are you getting ready for Lucky Day? HQ

The Arctic Fox Returns!

20190205 AJ ArcticFoxReturns-01

The latest Animal Jam update has arrived and the Arctic Fox has finally returned to Jamaa after a prolonged Arctic Journey! Log in today; get a start on the Lucky Day preparations and adopt your own Arctic Fox! HQ

Spooky Snow Leopards are here!

20181011 SpookySnowLeopards

The newest Animal Jam update has arrived! Spooky Snow Leopards are now available at the Diamond Shop! We can’t wait to see all your spooky and spoopy looks. Don’t forget you can also get the Spooky Snow Leopard in the October Haunted Hideout Bundle, along with exclusive Armor, the exclusive Greely’s Haunted Hideout, the Phantom Pet and exclusive Night of the Phantom themed Den items. You can get the Haunted Hideout Bundle at!