SANDCASTLE, Animal Jam's newest den!

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Summer fun is kicking off beachside at the SANDCASTLE, Animal Jam’s newest den! The Sandcastle Bundle comes with the new den, music, and a set of sandy den items that won’t be found elsewhere! #AnimalJam #AJPW #AJEpicDen

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Potion Pack Bundle

Potion Bundles-01

Which potion will you utilize first? The Potion Pack Bundle comes with a plethora of potions that let you play as your pet, make rainbows, summon Phantoms, and more! The Sapphire icon in the top corner of the screen has cool item bundles!

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Wolf Pack Bundle

Wolf Bundle-01

There are new bundles including the Wolf Bundle in the Sapphire icon in the top right corner of the screen! Ever wanted EVERY wolf? The Wolf Pack Bundle comes with the wolf, arctic wolf, direwolf, maned wolf, AND painted wolf! Which wolf were you patiently waiting to return?

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