Siberian Summer Palace in Animal Jam!

20210615 July Sapphire Bundles-06 (1) 20210707 Shop Icons Sapphire Shop (1) Take a royal getaway with the Siberian Summer Palace in Animal Jam! Bring your den decorating to the next level; check out the SIBERIAN SUMMER PALACE BUNDLE! Enjoy the Summer Palace den, music, and a collection of exclusive palace den items! HQ Signature

What is Deforestation?

Which has been your favorite feature in the APPONDALE THEATER in Animal Jam? Watch awesome videos to learn all about TREES, FORESTS, and CONSERVATION, then check out the rest of the WeForest exhibit and maybe even find a special surprise! HQ Signature

We appreciate your patience and concern!

CS Bunny We appreciate your patience and concerns regarding the account suspensions that impacted a small segment of our community on July 12th. Our developers have identified the cause of this issue, stomped out the phantoms, and unsuspended any accounts suspended. We apologize for the account suspension that you or your buddies experienced in error. Rest assured your account and items are safe and sound. Please take a moment and log into the game on your device. If you encounter anything further, please report to our team below. HQ Signature

How many Pet Zebra?

20210712 Popjam How Many Zebra-01 You will be seeing stripes for days after looking for these Pet Zebra!

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20210712 Popjam How Many Zebra-02