Keep Your Pets Safe!

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Keep Your Pets Safe! Smart jammers are careful with trading our pet friends.

What would you do in these situations?

? A player asks if you need help taking care of your pets.

? A player offers to watch pets and level up your pet for you.

? A player asks you to trade the pet to them for junk or for free, or for other items.

What are the red flags in these situations?

  • If you do not have a pet station you can utilize a pet station in any players den.

  • You can utilize their pet station to level up your pets on your own.

  • All of the items you’ve collected while playing have value to yourself as well as the community.

What should you do?

  • Ask to utilize their pet station instead. Would you ask strangers to care for your pet in real life?

  • Do not accept the trade in hopes that they will return your pet. Would you trade your real life pet for “free” items or junk?

  • Careful on your buddy selection.

  • Options to keep yourself safe and to report players for breaking the rules are to; report them, block them, and if needed you can always go to a different area and log off as well

Keep your special pet friends safe, healthy, and happy!

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Calling all News Reporters!

Jamaa News • Painted Wolf The Painted Wolf has arrived in Animal Jam! Did you know that their large ears, and an acute sense of hearing, helps to alert them to approaching danger and allow them to hear long-distance calls from pack members? As for their “painted” fur—every painted wolf has a unique pattern! Isn’t that wild? For a chance to have your Jamaa News featured on the Daily Explorer, share in a comment below your favorite Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic animal and two unique facts about them.

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Trivia Tuesday - Painted Bat!

image (165)Time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts below about the Painted Bat!

Painted bats can be found in: A) Thailand B) Canada C) Brazil D) Japan

Painted bats are colored to blend in with: A) Dried leaves B) Birds of paradise flowers C) Murals D) Pumpkins

Painted bats like to roost upside down in: A) Caves B) Banana leaves C) Air vents D) Corn stalks

Painted bats eat: A) Insects B) Small animals C) Fruit D) Blood

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answers: AABA