Phantom Dungeons Behind the Scenes

Peek in on our artists’ and game engineers’ creative process as they built the Phantom Dungeons for WildWorks’ Unity-built game, Animal Jam! Remember you can hold down on the video to pause it if needed.

“We established a clear color progression to follow each dungeon level the players explore. You start in a very light blue and Crystallis theme, but by the end we’ve gone dark and phantom-coded” - Concept Artist

Don’t miss out on the excitement – play Animal Jam for free this July (available for mobile devices & desktop at or download on Steam, Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores)!

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Phantoms are Coming... October Sneak Peek!

Night of the Phantoms is just around the bend! Will you fight for the LIGHT or the DARK? Check out a sneak peek of all to come in Animal Jam’s October update, beginning in a few days time…

Hold on to your tentacles, it’s going to be a SPOOKY ride!

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September Update - Pigs, Horseshoe Crabs, & MORE!

Discover the wonders of September in Animal Jam! Embrace the new season with classic farm animals, fascinating living fossils, and explore the mysteries of an ancient pyramid in Jamaa! Start the school year right with endless shopping sprees and autumn leaves.

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