Animal Jam Mailtime!

WHAT?! AJHQ MAILTIME?!! WATIDON’TEVENAAAAGH! That’s right, MAILTIME! Visit our YouTube channel and check out our FIRST ever Mailtime video! AJHQ gets hundreds of Jam-A-Grams each day and we love hearing from Jammers just like you! Don’t forget - we’re also on the lookout for some super-cool underwater or beach themed dens, and fabulous looks, for future videos! If you have a den that fits this theme, let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to leave your den UNLOCKED so we can take a look! HQ

Covered in Crystals Bundle!

SO CRYSTALICIOUS! The Covered in Crystals Bundle is now here! New membership purchases at ANIMALJAM.COM/JOIN will receive this crystalline bundle, for a limited time only. The new bundle includes: a Hyena and Hyena Pet; the exclusive new Crystal Accessory Set; the Crystal Palace Den; an Animal Jam membership for both AJ and Play Wild and exclusive Cystal Den Items! BLING! Already a member? No problem! When you purchase additional membership from ANIMALJAM.COM/JOIN, any extra membership days will stack on your current membership!


You Are Sooooooooo Blocked!

Check out our latest Pro Tips video on our YouTube channel! We get a lot of questions on how to deal with another Jammer who maybe is annoying you at the moment, or even one of your Buddies who is super hyper. Check out this video and learn how to use Block and Report using the Player Card. Remember if you block another player you can’t see their chat any longer. If you blocked someone in your den and they are still a bit too annoying for you, you can also remove that person from your den by simply locking and then unlocking your den. Block, Lock, then Unlock! Blocked players will not be able to reenter your den. Let us know below if you still have any questions on how this all works! Thanks everyone!


Most Epic Mall Den Ever! | Animal Jam - Parade of Dens

Join us as we visit the amazing Phantom Square Mall created by Phantomwarden! This series of portal dens are a must see; from Phantom Geoz to a comic book store and more! Wow, this tour was just incredible! We have so much fun exploring these creative dens, and we’re always looking for more. In fact we are looking for amazing WOLF DENS for our next episode! If you have a den you’d love to have featured on an episode of Parade of Dens, or know of one, let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget, each den featured gets an Epic Den Plaque for their den! HQ