Autumn Fairy Armor!

It is Feast of Thanks time so let's go NUTS! It may sound ACORN-Y but you can make your autumnal dreams come true! 


The new Autumn Fairy Armor is available now in Play Wild! 

Arabian Horses have arrived!

The whispering rumors have been confirmed, Arabian Horses have swept into Play Wild with the desert wind under their hooves! 


Their slim frame is perfect for running long distances in the hot and arid habitat they call home. 

Stop by the Sapphire Shop to purchase one of your very own, a perfect inhabitant of the brand new Arabian Palace.

:biggrin:  :biggrin:  :biggrin:

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Pet King Cobras have arrived!

Watch where you step: PET KING COBRAS have appeared in Jamaa! These regal reptiles are ready and waiting to be adopted, so let them slither into your heart, and be sure keep these cold-blooded pets entertained with some pet toys!


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Arabian Palace in Play Wild!

The desert is far from deserted! The Arabian Palace has arrived for Jammers who are ready to immerse themselves in the cradle of civilization! For more wonders, pick up the Arabian Palace Bundle, which comes complete with this new den, music, and beautiful den items that won't be seen anywhere else!


Play Wild on iOS, Android and Amazon devices!