How many Pet Zebra?

20210712 Popjam How Many Zebra-01 You will be seeing stripes for days after looking for these Pet Zebra!

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20210712 Popjam How Many Zebra-02

Adopting pets is so important!

20210626 Pet Adoption Token-01 Adopting pets is so important! There are so many animals in need of homes, millions are just waiting to be adopted! Have you and your family ever adopted a pet? Have you heard about the Pet Adoption machine in Animal Jam? Our team developed this fun new feature and currency to bring awareness to pets in need. Pet Adoption Tokens are available in the Sapphire Shop for purchase and can be redeemed in the Pet Adoption Machine located in Claws ‘n’ Paws! PET ADOPTION TOKENS are items that can be earned through NURTURING or purchased to use at the Pet Adoption Machine. Put a Pet Adoption Token in the Pet Adoption Machine to receive a RANDOM PET!