This just in straight from Jamaa Township!

image (17) Hey jammers, this is Animalstar54321 with today’s weather, straight from Jamaa Township. Lately we’ve been having some April showers, bringing tons of rain. However, the rain’s also allowed flowers to bloom! If you see one, make sure to go check it out, and see what goodies you can find!

Today's Local Weather Report Just In!

image (15) Welcome Back Jammers! Today I’ll be hosting the Weather Report! Today at Mt. Shiveer it will be cool enough to go Ice Fishing at the frozen pond. At Balloosh it will be a bit foggy than usual. In Jamaa Township there will be partly cloudy skies. In Bahari Bay, it is highly possible that a pod of dolphins will be swimming by! In Crystal Reef the water will be warm enough to take a little splash! And that’s the forecast for today! I’m nadigaz and it’s been a pleasure to give information on Jamaa’s weather.

It's been raining cats and dogs!

20210401 Rain Weather Report Weather Report Social It’s been raining cats and dogs in Jamaa and beautiful flowers are sprouting up for all to see! Grab your umbrella and celebrate the spring weather in Jamaa! Keep the community posted on what weather you are seeing by posting in the comments below. HQ Signature

March 20th Weather Report!

WeatherReport-winterseas Weather just in from winterseas: Hello everyone and welcome back to another Paw-tastic Jamaa weather report! I’m one of your hosts Winterseas reporting live from Jamaa! Please be aware to expect a cast of falcons zooming by today in Coral Canyons! Yes… You heard me right! A cast of falcons. That is what a group of falcons are called. Meanwhile, jammers have reported some unexpected fog in The Temple of Zios. Be ready to get out your flashlights and binoculars! You can also pick those items up for Jamaa outfitters! As always jammers, stay safe and have an jam-tastic day!-winterseas HQ Signature