Spooky Surprises Are Popping Up...

Spooky surprises are popping up as The Night of the Phantoms continues through October. One of the stranger additions to Jamaa includes the brand new PHANTOMIZER. This perplexing den item turns Jammers into Jamaa's peskiest inhabitant, the dreaded phantom. This eerie den item can be found at the DIAMOND SHOP, but only for a limited time.


Word has spread fast that PET BATS are now hiding somewhere at the SPOOKY PARTY

Can you find and adopt one of these spooky pets before The Night of the Phantoms ends? Best of luck Jammers...

Club Geoz has Fallen!

The LINES OF POWER that flow beneath Jamaa have converged to level Club Geoz to the ground! Luckily, no one was injured, but it looks like CLUB GEOZ has closed its doors for good.


The Alphas of Jamaa are investigating who or what could have caused this destruction. Was it a natural occurrence, or was it the result of a more sinister plot?

Night of the Phantoms!

There’s a chill in the air, and it looks like phantoms have returned to darken Jamaa! Please stay alert and don’t be caught unprepared! 


This whole month, be ready for anything and everything spooky, and be sure to have all the fun that only comes around during... NIGHT OF THE PHANTOMS!