Pet Koalas Have arrived!

KOALAS have been in Jamaa for years, but some Jammers have wished for a smaller, more adorable version of these magnificent and majestic marsupials.


Look no further, Jammers: PET KOALAS have now come to Jamaa! Adopt one of Jamaa's newest pets today!

Graham's Wild Weekend!

In celebration of the release of GRAHAM'S OBSERVATORY, this wild weekend is all about Graham the monkey Alpha!


For this weekend only, some of Graham's kookiest inventions and craziest creations will be for sale! There are three accessories and fifteen den items in all, so be sure to pick up all your favorites this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Graham's Observatory!

Do you like to tinker and invent? Are you fascinated by figuring out how things work? Are the gears in your head always turning? If so, then Jamaa's newest den is for you!


Pick up GRAHAM'S OBSERVATORY and you can know what it's like to live life as the sometimes scatterbrained but genuinely genius monkey Alpha!

Wild Weekend Beta Party!

The Beta Party is back for 4 days only! This Thursday through Sunday, don't miss out on your opportunity to snag new beta items. It's going to be a Wild Weekend for the record books!


See you at the Beta Party!