Do you have a mini-game that you can't stop playing?

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image (222) Do you have a mini-game that you can’t stop playing? Super Sweets is one of those gripping games for many! We’ve consolidated the Jammer Tips from our community to help you master your sweet skills! What type of Jammer Tips would you like to see next?

Super Sweet Tips:

-The bigger the match the more damage you do!

-Make a move after practicing the next pattern to earn higher points.

-Try not to use hearts unless your health is less than 3/4.

-Keep an eye on the Phantoms’ power level to see when they will hit you.

-The Phantoms you fight show up in specific patterns. If you watch closely, you may notice certain phantoms tend to stick together. This will help you know which type of phantom will attack you next.

-Under your Animal, there is a little sweet if you keep matching that it gives you power.

-Longer chains matched to boomseeds and hearts give a higher bonus of damage. If possible save these for the spiky and heavy Phantoms.

-Always plan your next move.

-Take your time! No need to rush! HQ Signature

What if I want to change the Parent Email of my player account, or I haven't accessed my Parent Dashboard yet?

image (174) What if I want to change the Parent Email of my player account, or I haven’t accessed my Parent Dashboard yet? No worries! You can add or update a Parent Email at any time. Having a Parent Email is an important step that allows you to recover your player account if you lose your password, turn on 2-Step Verification, and manage the settings of your child’s account!

I have not activated my Parent Email:

  • Activate your Parent Email by opening Animal Jam and tapping on the Settings Menu in the top right corner.
  • Go to the Parent Tools tab of the Settings menu, then choose “Update Parent Email” and follow the prompts.

I need to update my Parent Email:

  • Visit and log in with your current Parent Email and its password.
  • Follow the steps provided in the article below.

Helpful Links: How to I change my parent email

How do I add an email to my account

Create a support ticket

Animal Jam Status Update

2021816emailattack Many of you have asked about some erroneous account bans that were issued Monday night and rumors about an attack on Jambassador AJ accounts. A group of around 70 influencer and WildWorks employee Animal Jam accounts were attacked on Monday. The individual responsible was able to switch the parental email addresses for these accounts and temporarily gain control of them. Our system suspended the affected accounts for their protection, but inadvertently suspended some unaffected accounts as well.

We know which accounts were taken over, and we are restoring all of them to their rightful owners, along with all of the items they previously held. Also, accounts that were mistakenly suspended or banned during our response to the attack will have their access restored. No personal information of account owners was accessed in the attack, but a detailed digital forensics report is being submitted to our law enforcement partners in the U.S. and the criminal’s country of origin.

If you believe your account may have been mistakenly suspended Monday night, please report this directly to our support team, and include your username, your parent email address, and the last time you accessed your account. PLEASE DO NOT submit this information in comments or DMs here!

Player accounts are in no further danger from this attack, and we will be making announcements about some new security features soon for everyone’s protection. We’re very sorry for the stress attacks like this cause the player community, and we’re working nonstop to get the affected Jammers back in the game as quickly as possible. HQ Signature

How to submit a ticket?

20210806 Jammer Tip How To Submit A Ticket-01

20210806 Jammer Tip How To Submit A Ticket-02 How to submit a ticket? When you experience an issue or have a question that is not addressed through our Help section please create a ticket with your parent. You can find the ticket form at the bottom of any Help article. Click the link and provide the following information:

-The email address you’re using to contact us -Select which game Animal Jam, Animal Jam Classic or both -Parent email to identify you as the account owner -Select Member or Non-Member to direct your ticket to the appropriate team -Select the reason you are contacting our team by scrolling through the drop-down -In the text box describe your reason for contact in a short sentence or a few bullet points.

How soon will you receive a response? -Weekdays: 48-72hrs -Our weekday response time does not include weekends or holidays

What to know when contacting our support team? Helpful tips here.