Ultimate Wolf Lairs - Parade of Dens!

Join us as we tour awesome Wolf themed dens and Wolf Lairs in Animal Jam! Love the Direwolf and want to make the ultimate Direwolf Lair? Enjoy and be inspired by the amazing dens of Greelyspizza, Theguavamaster, Avvkvvard, Adamwe4, Containz, Kawaiikindpup, Oblivionfate and Catdog4794! For a chance to be featured in the next episode of Parade of Dens, and win an Epic Den Plaque, be sure to leave the username of your epic den nomination in the comments below.

Peck's den has returned to Jamaa!

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Peck’s den has returned to Jamaa! This fantastic den has space below ground and above; plenty of room to decorate and explore! Show us your creative side and channel your inner Peck! #AnimalJam


Epic Plushie Den! | Animal Jam - Parade of Dens

Join us today as we tour the Animal Jam Den of Bigbluebeast! Plushie dens are a ton of fun and a great place to start decorating a den. Do you have an amazing den in Play Wild or Animal Jam, or know of one? Comment below with the username to nominate. Player dens that are highlighted in Parade of Dens will receive an Epic Den Plaque!