Spiral Bay in Animal Jam!

20220517 Spiral Bay Den-03 Meander to a waterside retreat: the Spiral Bay! This scenic new Animal Jam den is available in the Sapphire Shop! For even more fun, check out the Spiral Bay Bundle to get the new den, music, plus a set of bay den items that won’t be found anywhere else! How will you decorate your personal canvas tent?

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AJHQ Den Tours - Spectacular Picnic Dens

Animal Jam Den Tours • Picnic • SQ Winners wk2



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image (266) Spectacular Picnic Dens by bananapotato51, patches96, phoebefatcat, rosyartistick, sara12992, satinestar! Thank you opening your dens and providing fabulous snacks too! Any suggestions on what types of dens we should tour next?

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Painter's Loft Den has arrived in Animal Jam!

image (172) Let your creativity loose in the Painter’s Loft! This new den is the perfect artistic hideaway, ready to be decorated with your best Masterpieces! Be sure to pick up the Painter’s Loft Bundle in Animal Jam’s Sapphire Shop! It comes with the new den, music, and an aesthetic set of den items you can’t find anywhere else!

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New Tropical Paradise - Bioluminescent Bay Speed Den Decoration!

Create your own fluorescent paradise with Animal Jam’s new Bioluminescent Bay den, one of our favorite highlights from the latest February update! The Bioluminescent Bay bundle is available in the Sapphire Shop this month only, and features exclusive neon items with everything you need to bring your tropical getaway dreams to life!

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