Are you ready for some bioluminescent trivia?

image (133) Are you ready for some bioluminescent trivia?

The chemical reaction for bioluminescence needs: A) Chloroplasts B) Neon C) Hydrogen D) Luciferin

Which of these creatures is NOT bioluminescent? A) Comb jellies B) Earthworms C) Some fungi D) Fireflies

Light from bioluminescence can be used to: A) Attract prey B) Distract predators C) Communicate D) All of the above

Some creatures become bioluminescent by: A) Eating bioluminescent creatures B) Moving fast C) Absorbing light D) Dancing

Bioluminescence Trivia Answers: DBDA

Spreading Positivity Today in Recognition of Positive Thinking Day!

image (131) Spreading Positivity all day today in celebration of Positive Thinking Day! What are some ways you can be positive both in-game and in real life? Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

-Be kind to others in all circumstances -Be thankful -Take time for yourself -Congratulate others on their successes -Encourage each other -Write a note to encourage a friend -Smile

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Animal Jam's 11th Anniversary!

image (121) Yesterday marked our 11th Anniversary here at Animal Jam! It was a blast to spend time celebrating with our community in-game! If you missed us yesterday, maybe you will catch us today! AJHQ and WildWorks want to give the community our THANKS! Our community is outstanding, and we are blessed to have you on this journey with us! HQ Signature