Beautiful Masterpieces!

image (150) image (149) image (148) image (151) Happy Friday everyone! Check out these awesome Masterpieces by: Bugs1020, Happyheartpuppy01, Floofyart and Awsomeisme1233! We will be sending each of them a secret prize! Do you have an amazing Masterpiece you have created? Let us know your username in the comments below; you might be featured in future Masterpiece highlights!

Camels Arrive in Animal Jam!

20190725 AJ CamelsArrive-05 The new Animal Jam update has arrived! We are excited to announce that Camels have arrived in Jamaa, after a long and arduous trek! Let us know what you think about the latest animal to arrive in Animal Jam in the comments below.

Summer Animal Jam Box!

WildSummerBox All Items Looking for unique Animal Jam swag? Check with your parents and look no further than the awesome Animal Jam Box, available at! The Summer #AnimalJamBox is still available; your subscription will ensure you also get the exciting Fall and Winter boxes as well!