Trivia Tuesday - T-Rex!

cc3ac187-28d6-4c62-aee6-8ed07e6bc15d It’s Trivia Tuesday! Sink your teeth into some paleontological puzzles and learn more about the biggest and baddest animals to walk the earth!

The closest relatives of birds are:

A) Theropods B) Sauropods C) Cerapods D) Prosauropods

Feathers seem to have evolved to provide:

A) Insulation B) Flashy displays C) Camouflage D) Fluff floofs

Tyrannosaurus rex hunted:

A) Stegosaurus B) Triceratops C) Archaeopteryx D) All of the above

A well-known site for T. rex fossils is the:

A) Chicxulub crater B) Antarctic peninsula C) Nile delta D) Morrison formation

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Answers: A,A,B,D