Dino Days of Summer!

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Dino Days of summer 2022-10-02

Dino Days of summer 2022-10-03

Dino Days of summer 2022-10-04

Dino Days of summer 2022-10-05

Dino Days of summer 2022-10-01

The start of the summer belongs to DINOSAURS! (And pteranodons!) Prehistoric Eggs are discounted until July 11th, so head to Appondale and get ready to get hatching! Meanwhile, PHANTOMS have begun trying to cross the mist into Mesoterra, and the Alphas need the help of archosaurs to push them back!

Celebrate Dino Days of Summer by learning all about archosaurs on social media, and inside the Jamaa Journal!

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Zebras Have Arrived in Animal Jam's Sapphire Shop!

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Time to earn your stripes: zebras have arrived in Animal Jam’s Sapphire Shop! These animals are related to horses, and they’re ready to strut their stuff! Get dressed for proper summer fun with the Whimsical Zebra Bundle! It comes with the new animal, the Clown Outfit, and the exclusive Carnival Ringleader Outfit that won’t be found anywhere else!

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Animal Encore Results are in!

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Animal Encore Results are in! Our Champion based on the total votes from our IG Story and Daily Explorer Comments (One Per User)! What a week filled with excitement of the possibilities!

We appreciate all the suggestions for who you’d like to see return in the future and why! HQ Signature