Did you know? - Archosaurs





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Archosaur-06 Looking for the next Animal Jam Archosaur? Parasaurolophus eggs will arrive as the next Super Box at the end of this week! In preparation for their arrival, check out these fun facts about these adorable herbivores and our previous Archosaurs!

Did you know? Paleontologists use NEW LATIN words to create names for archosaurs, and lots of other creatures and animals!

New Latin evolved from Classical Latin, and in the late 1800s, a lot of scientists and scholars used it to name things!

If we translate the New Latin bit by bit, we can learn how archosaurs got their names!

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Did you know? - Quokka!

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Did you know? Quokkas are native to an island in southwestern Australia known as Rottnest Island, or as Wadjemup by the Aboriginal Whadjuk Noongar people! The name quokka comes from their Noongar name: kwoka!

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Quokkas Have Arrived in Animal Jam!

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The Friendship Festival has arrived, so get ready to show some love to QUOKKAS! These friendly marsupials hail from an island in Australia, and their cheeks make them look like they’re smiling!

Check out the Wonderful Quokka Bundle to find the new animal, the King of Hearts Outfit, and the exclusive Traveler’s Outfit that won’t be found anywhere else! What will be your look of choice for this new friend?

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