What do you love about Bitter Sweets?

20181010 BitterSweets 2 What is your favorite area in the Bitter Sweets Adventure, to load up on sweet, delicious candy? Is it the creepy science lab or do you prefer the haunted and spooky graveyard? What pet do you love to adventure as? Comment below and let us know what you love about the Bitter Sweets Adventure in Animal Jam! HQ

Bitter Sweets is Back!

20180928 BitterSweets 1 Bitter Sweets is BACK! It’s time to battle the phantoms for Jamaa’s stolen candy, in this spooktastic Night of the Phantoms themed adventure. Collect as much candy as you can; the more candy you collect, the more prizes you’ll win! Are you and your favorite pet ready to save the day? HQ

Tiki Trouble Returns!

20180805 TikiTrouble

Time to track down the three elusive pearls found only the fun Tiki Trouble summer adventure! Explore the island to find the coin, fish and crystal to give to the very particular tiki statues. Don’t forget to hurry; you only have 15 minutes! Prizes and excitement await!