World Kindness Week!

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Anger feels like strength, but it-s corruptive and corroding. The strength of kindness will endure far longer. (1)

Kind isn-t what you are, it-s what you do!! You can talk all day about how kind you are, but it doesn-t mean anything if you don-t do kind things! (Instagram Post (Square)) (1)

Power cannot save the world. Kindness can. (Instagram Post (Square))

Celebrate World Kindness Week; in-game and in your daily lives! Remember, Even the smallest act of kindness can go a long way, and you should never pass up an opportunity to help someone in need!

How can you spread kindness; this week in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic? Send a friendly message to one of your buddies, share a helpful jammer tip , or create a kindness comment spotlighting one of your buddies.

Share your ideas and experiences below! HQ Signature