Collection and Hoarding Dens in AJ and Play Wild! | Animal Jam - Parade of Dens

Sometimes the only way to really show off a collection of den items is to go BIG! Today we are celebrating all our Den Item Collectors and Den Item Hoarders with our brand new episode of Parade of Dens. Visit our YouTube channel and check out this unique episode; whether you like to organize your collection or just create a mountain of items that reach the sky, this episode is for you! Everyone has their own style and we had a blast visiting the dens of Evie2pointo, Swirls09, Honeybee23, Mayapusheen, Plaidcouches4life, Starwolf1211, Try, Theguavamaster, Ajbirthday2018, Bobyjr73, Ilovefoxe13374, Sierrasharrock and Pizza. Each den highlighted in this episode will receive an Epic Den Plaque in both Animal Jam and Play Wild. Do you have an amazing den or know of one? Comment below with the username and let us know; we are always looking for amazing dens to visit and highlight!