Trivia Tuesday - Turacos!

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It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Take a look at turacos and learn some fun facts about these arboreal birds! Are you an animal expert? How many quiz questions did you get right?

Turacos move from branch to branch by:

A) Hopping B) Flying C) Gliding D) Skipping

What makes turaco feathers unique?

A) They have true color pigment B) They’re all green C) They reflect color D) They taste like avocado

Turacos are also known as:

A) Chirping birds B) Jumping birds C) Come-here birds D) Go-away birds

The only known green feather pigment is called:

A) Emeraldan B) Chlorophyll C) Chartreusen D) Turacoverdin

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Answers: AADD