Trivia Tuesday - Temple of Trivia!


This Tuesday, get a taste of the Temple of Trivia, Animal Jam’s puzzlingest minigame! Once you’ve mastered these questions, head to the Lost Temple of Zios and test your knowledge to earn Gems!

Which is NOT one of the four layers of a rainforest?

A) Ground cover B) Canopy C) Understory D) Emergent

Which lives in the Amazon rainforest?

A) Bengal tiger B) Bee hummingbird C) Pink river dolphin D) Sun bear

Giraffes prefer to eat new shoots and leaves from:

A) Acacia trees B) Tall grasses C) Woody vines D) Giraffe grocery stores

Which trees always shed their leaves each year?

A) Coniferous B) Evergreen C) Pine D) Deciduous

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answers: ACAD